“Younger” Star Nico Tortorella Marries Bethany Meyers

Nico Tortorella is officially a taken man, marrying his partner of 11 years Bethany Meyers.

The two, who are no strangers to social media, took to Instagram to share with their fans that they had tied the knot on Saturday in a courthouse wedding.

Both shared snaps and videos of their special day, looking very much in love. The duo also shared how they made the day their own, writing a piece for the LGBTQ publication, them. 

The wedding day. No guests. No flowers. No rings. My “dress,” consisting of trousers. His “tux,” gown inclusive. I suppose you would dub our wedding color white. It was certainly the most traditional thing we did.”

The two spoke of their choice of attire, writing that they opted for “genderbending ensembles” because in their relationship they “both wear the pants and the dress.” “Here we are, the day I dreamed of yet not the day I imagined, and I couldn’t be happier” Bethany added.

The idea of a wedding was “tossed around” but was solidified after the two took a trip to the Amazon jungle in December.

“Out in the rainforest with no internet, no indoor plumbing, no society, just the heavens and the spirit of the universe, we connected at our deepest level. We saw each other in past lives and future lives and the visions of the good we were brought here to do in our current lives. And we were meant to do it together. On our first day back in society, Nico looked at me over dinner and asked if we should marry on March 9. I said, ‘finally.’ And just like that, we were ‘engaged.’”

Congrats, you two!