West Virginia Resident Creates “Run the Rock 2020” Campaign Committee

As CNN reports, Kenton Tilford, a 26-year-old political consultant and freelance writer, has started a campaign committee “Run The Rock 2020” with the goal to draft actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a presidential candidate in 2020.

Tilford said: “I’ve been discussing (this committee) with friends for some time, but I ultimately decided to create the committee because America is incredibly divided. I know it’s almost a cliche at this point, but I think it’s tragic that our President (Donald Trump) has not made a serious effort to unite the country. With this level of vitriol and anger, I believe we desperately need a leader who can unite us and not just pander to a small base of supporters.”

He believes Johnson is the ideal leader: “I’m a fan of The Rock. He’s an amazing entertainer and the causes he champions (for example Veterans advocacy) are truly inspiring to me. Of course, he doesn’t have the experience in government that has been typical. But I think we’ve seen voters reject the notion that inexperience disqualifies you from serving. His broad, uniting appeal is without parallel in our divided country,” he said.