New and Exciting Guests Join the Griffin’s on “Family Guy”

The next season of Family Guy is coming back and will bring with it some exciting guests appearances.

Kristen Bell who garnered recognition as the voice of Princess Anna of Frozen will lend her voice to Family Guy as a love interest for Brian.This won’t be a first for Bell as she has made an appearance in the past in Seth McFarlane’s The Cleveland Show. Family Guy’s executive producer Rich Appel told ET that Martha, the family’s canine co-worker and Brian’s love interest voiced by Bell “comes complete with her own theme song, which, like all great sitcom theme songs, literally tells you everything you need to know about her.”

The season premiere will also welcome Louis C.K., who will play himself to Quahog. The episode will center on the Emmys, imagining hit shows like Modern Family and Breaking Bad from the Griffin’s point of view. Not surprisingly, a guest cast of the real Modern Family Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara will star in the episode. Executive producer Alec Sulking spoke of the episode’s plot and said that Peter, “desperate for an Emmy, fortuitously runs into Louis C.K. on the street and tries to get the secret to winning the award from him.”

Season 15 of Family Guy will premiere October 1 with even more exciting guest appearances like Ian McKellen and Ryan Reynolds.