Margot Robbie to Produce Female-Focused Shakespeare Series

Margot Robbie is teaming up with the Australian Broadcast Corporation to produce a 10-part series retelling the works of Shakespeare from a female perspective.

The project will be helmed by the I Tonya star’s production company LuckyChap Entertainment and by a female-led creative team. Robbie has been outspoken about working with women in the industry as well as shine a light on female stories.

“I’m taking a lot of meetings with the lesser-known talent at the moment, the indie film-makers, first- and second-time film-makers, mainly women,” Robbie told the Australian Associated Press in Sydney. “I’m in a lovely position where I can actually help get things greenlit so I want to work with people who we haven’t seen yet.”

Each of the 10 stand-alone episodes will be based on a different work Shakespeare, but with a modern twist.

“We are thrilled about this Australian partnership as an opportunity to showcase unique, distinctly female voices in writing, and to demonstrate the high quality of the Australian film and television industry. The project will share diverse points of view, from writers representing the different cultures and areas within Australia, which many would not readily associate with works of Shakespeare,” said LuckyChap Entertainment in a statement.

The project will be produced in Australia and filming is set to begin in late 2018.