Kristen Stewart and Girlfriend Stella Maxwell Crash a Wedding in Winnipeg

Kristen and Kayleigh Jennings definitely did not expect that the two uninvited guests at their wedding would be actress Kirsten Stewart and her girlfriend, Stella Maxwell.

After trying the knot and mid-celebrations with guests at Pizzeria Gusto, the owner approached the happy couple with an unusual request of adding two guests to the wedding party.

But these two weren’t just any two people! The brides happily accepted and an introduction was made between the four.

Even though Kristen and Kayleigh admitted that it was a bit strange at first having two strangers join the party, they said the actress and model, both 27 year old fit right in. The couple did what any good guest would do: they took to the newlyweds instructions and danced their hearts out!

Apparently Stewart enjoyed the party so much and felt so welcomed that even though he was unplanned guest she requested songs surprising the DJ with her love for the Beastie Boys!