Kanye West’s Trainer Updates Us on Star’s Health

We were all worried when Kanye West was hospitalized for an unknown reason (“psychiatric emergency”), but then he proved he is strong enough to get back. His personal trainer, Harley Pasternak, spoke about the rapper’s health.

Kanye has spent over a week at the UCLA Medical Center where he was recovering from exhaustion and dehydration. His tour was canceled.

Pasternak said: “I’ve been working with Kanye for 13 or 14 years. He’s really a fit guy … Kanye’s active. He’s exercising. He’s eating well and he’s got a great family. But he’s really a creative person. We would go on these walks and have great conversations about music and architecture. He actually inspired me to come up with this web series, Walking With Harley, where you’re going to see me walking with a lot of very interesting and funny people.”

Another source confirmed that Kanye “is doing a lot better”.