Justin Hartley Speaks of Upcoming Second Season of This Is Us

Star of This Is Us Justin Hartley spoke with ET about the upcoming second season of the series due to air in September.

After reading the scripts for the first three episodes of the second season, the 40-year-old-actor who stars as Kevin Pearson said that season two isn’t about getting audiences invested in the characters, rather it’s about delving deeper into their stories and personalities.

Hartley expressed his awe and amazement at the series’ acclaimed writing team saying that storylines just keep getting better and better. Shooting of the second season has already begun, however, many of the storylines are kept secret even from the actors. This he thinks is done to protect both actors and fans as a major part the show’s success is experiencing the stories and developments as shows airs.

This Is Us scored big this award season with 11 Emmy nominations including Best TV Drama Series.