The Jonas Brothers reactivate their Instagram account

The Jonas Brothers fans are going crazy!

The band’s official Instragram account was reactivated Monday night after five years of silence. The reactivated account was sparked rumors of a possible brotherly reunion as fans believe this to be a sigh that the pop rock back will get back together.

The band split of about five years ago in 2013, with youngest brother, Nick Jones, now 25, told PEOPLE that their decision to call it quits was because “prioritizing our family is really important to us.” Kevin added, “We’re choosing our family because it was becoming toxic.”

Rumors of a possible reunion were fueled further when the band’s backing musician, Ryan Liestman’s took to social media and posted a photo with Nick, Joe and Kevin. He captioned the snap, “Family reunion.”

While the brothers themselves have yet to address the reunion rumors and whether fans should expect the band to come back together, ever, Nick did share a screenshot to Instagram Stories that Jonas Brothers was a trending topic on Twitter, captioning it with a simple “Whoa.”