Johnny Depp Doesn’t Even Bother Learning His Lines, Ex-Managers Claim

As Johnny Depp’s legal fight with the ex-manager progresses, we’re getting to know more and more (fun) details.

The attorney for The Management Group complained bitterly as a response to an interview with Depp with The Wall Street Journal. In the mentioned interview, Depp said: “It’s my money, I can do what I want,” as he blamed TMG for not managing his finances properly.

The TMG went forward and mentioned several selfish ways Depp chose to spend his money, insisting that he has “a clear and epic sense of entitlement”. Attorney Michael Kump mentioned that Depp has an earphone while on set so that his sound guy can read lines to him “so that he no longer [has] to memorize them”.

Now we know the truth behind so many wigs and hats he wears!