James Lipton Dies at 93

James Lipton in 2017. Photo by Rob Latour/Shutterstock (9048096h)

The creator and host of Inside the Actors Studio has passed away. He was 93. 

Multiple outlets confirm that James Lipton died early Monday at his home in Manhattan. His death was announced by his wife Kedakai Mercedes Lipton. 

Lipton served as host of the popular Bravo series Inside the Actors Studio from 1994 until his retirement last year. During those years, Lipton interviewed a slew of actors about every aspect of their lives. Over the years the show earned 20 Emmy nominations. 

Back in 2016 he said: ”If you had put a gun to my head and said, ‘I will pull the trigger unless you predict that in 23 years, Inside the Actors Studio will be viewed in 94 million homes in America on Bravo and in 125 countries around the world, that it will have received 16 Emmy nominations, making it the fifth most-nominated series in the history of television, that it will have received an Emmy Award for outstanding informational series and that you will have received the Critics’ Choice Award for best reality series host — predict it or die,’ I would have said, ‘Pull the trigger.’”