Hilary Duff Teases a Possible “Lizzie McGuire” Reboot

It’s been a long time since one of Disney Channel shows captured our hearts the same Lizzie McGuire did – and it seems we might be getting more of it. A reboot of this show is a real possibility according to Hilary Duff, who brought this amazing character to life.

It’s too early to start planning your binge-watching session of this new show since everything is still hanging in the air. The former child star simply said there have been some conversations about the possible reboot, but it’s not a go just yet.

“I don’t want to get everyone wild talking about it – but I love her so much and I think she was so important to girls at an important time in their life, and if she could be important to them again at this age, I think that would be amazing,” said Duff.

Everyone who grew up with Lizzie McGuire feels pretty much the same way, and we’d love to see where she is right now. Long story short, we shouldn’t get our hopes up just yet, but hey now… This is what dreams are made of!