“Fargo” season 4 in the works for 2019, FX says

Exciting news for Fargo fans as there’s more of the series to come!

FX chairman John Langraf has put an end to the rumors Friday as he told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, California, that “It’s not gone.”

“Noah Hawley, who has become quite a busy bee… has told us that he has an idea that excited me enormously for a fourth cycle of Fargo and the plan is to have that ready in 2019. The anticipation is there will be another cycle of Fargo in 2019.”

Hawley, writer-producer of Fargo, also said of the much anticipated 4th installment: “Unfortunately, I can’t really tell you anything about that. I will tell you the next thing you’ll see of Fargo is going to be a book that looks at the [previous] three seasons with scripts, interviews and everything that I’m doing with [my publisher] Grand Central. We’re working on that now, so hopefully that’ll come out before the fourth [season]. It’s still early for me. I really love that world. But it’s still very much a question for me of making sure there’s something left to say about it, and balancing tone. I never want it to be something that people go, ‘Oh that thing, it’s the accents and the funny crime show.’ Yeah, it’s still very much a work in progress.”

Now that rumors of Fargo’s end have been squashed, all that’s left to do, is wait!