Claire Danes Talks About Filming “Homeland” During Her Pregnancy

Claire Danes opened up to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Wednesday about being “knocked up,” while filming the latest season of Homeland.

The actress said she was in her first trimester of pregnancy while filming the hit series, describing it as her “least favorite phase.”

“You just feel horrible. You just feel rotten and you’re not allowed to say why,” she told the host. “I was filming quite a lot and just inadvertently falling asleep all the time. It was just embarrassing.”

Danes shared one particular incident on set, where she was embarrassed after falling asleep on a crocheted bag that was given to her.

“She crocheted this amazing bag for me, which was so lovely,” the 39-year-old explained. “But I just face planted on to the bag, this crocheted bag, in between takes… And it was time for my close up, and they’re like, ‘Claire, Claire, you got to go act.’ And I sit up, and I have this, like, crocheted indentation all on the side of my face. It looked like I had third degree burns. They were massaging my face. They had to get out the blow dryer. I halted production for a good half an hour. I felt like an idiot,” she continued.

Currently the actress is in her second trimester, which she describes as “cruisy.”

“It gets a little excited when I have a chocolate bar. It’s moving and kicking,” she said of her second child. “I love that part. It’s like a fireworks show every so often. It’s really cool and a little creepy. It is, it’s like an alien being in there, cohabitating, yeah, AirBNB.”

Emmy award-winning Danes and husband Hugh Dancy are already parents to 5-year-old son Cyrus. Earlier in the day, she revealed her second pregnancy on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM show.