Cardi B Prepping Deluxe Edition of Hit Album “Invasion of Privacy”

Cardi B presented the world with one of the hottest debuts of 2018 with Invasion of Privacy, and this album is a gift that keeps on giving. The Grammy-nominated rapper recently announced she’s getting ready to release a deluxe edition of this hit record, and she’s got a few new songs in store.

Cardi floated the idea of dropping a new and improved version of the album a couple of months ago, but her plans just didn’t pan out.

“There are like five songs that I was supposed to put on Invasion of Privacy, but it just didn’t finish, it didn’t make sense. So I’m gonna put it on this project that I really wanna put it out on September 1, but I’m missing like four, five songs,” said the rapper during an Instagram live back in August.

Despite the fact she teased five new songs, the upcoming deluxe edition will only feature two new tracks – Money and Press.

The album is already available for pre-order, but fans will have to wait until January 25 to get their hands on the new version of Invasion of Privacy.