Can Your Favorite Celebrities Get Out of the “Celebrity Escape Room?”

Who doesn’t love escape rooms? This form of torture has been turned into a fun night out and NBC’s special Celebrity Escape Room, which was part of Red Nose Day 2020, shows Ben Stiller, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, and Adam Scott racing against the clock to try and solve puzzles in a room.

The twist is that Jack Black serves as the “Game Master” tricking the participants throughout the game. During the competition, Stiller, Kudrow, Cox, and Scott try to solve the puzzles while Black manipulates a set of buzzers and they can ask him only three clues. When they finally figure it out, there are more surprises waiting for them and you can see Cox walking through a tiny, dark room by herself—reminiscent of her horror days in Scream.

In a sneak peek Scott says, “The game master is Jack Black and he is diabolical,” Scott says.

“It’s a battle of wits,” Black explains. “You against the room.”

Who’s the weakest link in this A-list team? “That’s me,” Kudrow volunteers.

“No, you’re so smart,” Cox says. “It’s going to be [Adam Scott].”

For each room the players complete, money is donated to Red Nose Day to charities for children in need. The show aired on May 21 on NBC and was followed by the two-hour Red Nose Day Special.

Watch the full special below: