Brian Michael Bendis and “Deadpool” director are developing new X-Men spin-off

Good news for fans of the X-Men Franchise!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis is partnering with Deadpool director, Tim Miller to develop a new X-Men spin-off which will center on X-Men character Kitty Pryde.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the untitled Kitty Pryde film is code-named “143”, which references the first Marvel issue featuring Kitty Pryde’s origin story as well as her first adventures in the X-Men universe. While no official plot was announced, fans were excited and speculated that this solo Kitty Pryde film might include her fight against the ‘demon’ called N’Garai in the X-Men mansion.

One of the favorite X-Men characters, Kitty Pryde possesses a ‘phasing’ ability which allows her, and everything she touches, to become intangible. This power also allows her to levitate objects.

While this movie has not yet officially been greenlit by Marvel and 20th Century Fox, it is still very exciting news. In the meantime, fans can be excited about the upcoming superhero films, The New Mutants, which hits theaters on February 22, 2019 and Deadpool 2, which hits theaters on May 18, 2018.